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Effective Influence for Modern-Day Business

The traditional type of businesses have made progress and entered the digital platforms. The marketing strategies in the past most likely used the classical marketing methods such as billboards, brochures, or word-of-mouth methods while the recent ones already utilize the power of the World Wide Web.

These days, plenty of men and women are using the web to obtain information about things that they want to purchase. And one of these web-based systems is social media with Facebook and Instagram as the most popular platforms. Because of this, it would truly be advantageous if a business would utilize these web-based tools or systems for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Influencer Marketing: A Brief Explanation

Now, if you want to ride on the modern trend in business, there is one approach that you can try called influencer (or influence) marketing. It is actually a marketing approach which makes use of the power of influence through individuals in order to spread the existence of your business, disseminate information for prospect clients, and eventually obtain revenues. In fact, according to a certain survey, a large percentage of customers who belong to the millennial age buy products and services that have been reviewed positively, suggested, or recommended by highly influential peers. Fundamentally, that result implies how influence can really be potent as a marketing strategy.

Description of an Influencer

Influencers are people who may be able to influence the customers’ buying decision due to its long-formed credibility. Nevertheless, everybody must be aware that influencers do not exist only as marketing tools but also men and women who decided to go social on the web to establish relationships or simply connect with others.

Two Sets of Influencers

Influencers basically have two categories, the macro influencers and micro influencers. Macro influencers are individuals with at least 100,000 followers in a social media platform like the famous celebrities although some online personalities have started with few followers until they became macro influencers in a short span of time. The good thing about this type of influencers is that they can cover a large group of audience and a higher level of professionalism which are very important in business.

In contrast, micro influencers are people at least 1000 but not more than 100,000 followers. These groups are still establishing relationships with people (followers) and are trying to get them engaged.

The attractive feature of influencers is actually based on the rate of financial investment and the possibility to reach men and women with varied niches. Additionally, a lot of businesses today may love to find Instagram influencers of this type (micro) simply because a good percentage of customers may find the “micros” as real people more influential.

Which Should it Be – Macro Influencers or Micro Influencers?

The truth is, your decision must be according to the needs of your business. But whether macro or micro, you will be doing a good, modern-day marketing strategy.

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